50 Ongoing Fashion Rules That You Shouldn’t Break In 2018

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There is no day when we follow any rules of fashion while we grow up while hearing our voice hear it and therefore follow it unconsciously. But I would like to highlight some of the rules of fashion that should be followed as they help build sense in a good way. In this blog I have mentioned 50 fashion rules men must follow to dazzle their appearance.

Here are 50 fashion rules men must follow all means

  Men's fashion rules


1- Ignoring the trend of fashion and adhering to timeless clothing .
2- Search for quality instead of quantity of clothing.
3. was not worn at the same time.

4- Invested in colored trousers to give an unconventional appearance.
5 – Shop with your friend for advice .
6- Try to understand the color of contrast that suits your personality.
7- Try lifting your shirt in different ways.
8- Button down collar shirt is not intended for commercial suit .
9 – Always wear the clothes as .
10- Instead of the drawings invest in solid colors .

  Fashion Rules

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11- Henley and Polo Shirts will work well for you. [1965900]] Sometimes wearing a or a necklace is wonderful
13. Clean your wallets regularly and keep them thin.
14- interchangeable buckles gives you dozens of appearance
15. The color of the neck and square pocket should not be of the same color.
16- Normal and solid suits suits better than engraved suits .
17- Color and style Very often.
18- tried to balance upper and lower together.
19- Selection for Seasonal Colors .

Black Black Watch Walked well with belt Built .

  Men's fashion rules

21- Avoid overdressed
22. Do not wear trade names .
23- ] Decorate your outfit with scarfs, hats or jewellery .
24- A pair of sunglasses in different patterns.
Zen jacket When you sit down.
26- For the elegant everyday appearance, you can invest in fine designs or [194590]
27- Look for a link Printed instead
28- She does not wear a double-breasted vest
which is not separated.
29- Wearing Fabrics Taking into account the season .

instead of Simple tie Try tie .

50 fashion rules men should follow to boast about their style

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31- The longest tie is fine but no shorter.
32- Buy Clothes Look good in
33- Do not wear large checks

Always look better than Short .

] Always wore perfect suit [19
DINEMIS worth investing in.
Hours Add elegance and perfection and then choose a category of one brand.
39. [19659020] Coats is one of the most elegant coats and must be in every
40- style yourself according to the budget .

  Men's Fashion Rules

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41- Black Suits T-shirt and tie sets may be inactive considering the design case.
42. Thin men should avoid vertical lines .
43- Dress according to age .
44- Selection Simple appearance .
45- Know what your body is
and Size .
46- Classical instead of .
47- Invested in a good pair of chinos .
48- You usually wear a good belt .
49- [1945] 9021] Try layers your clothes to get a better look.
He simply tried to wear a daily look .

  Men's Fashion Rules


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