7 celebrities that wear uggs with style

7 celebrities that wear uggs with style

April 14, 2018 0 By admin

Whether we like it or not, many of us take fashion tips and style directly from celebrities. As we contemplate the breadth of glossy magazines, TV screens, or Instagram files, they become almost dormant.

"Where did they buy that?"

"Will it look good to me?"

But we remember from time to time that celebrities are just ordinary people like us.They are on their feet every day.They want warmth in the winter They need coffee.

In a poem

For the biggest names that rocked the modest ugg, we dug 7 of the most classic clothes by some of the biggest names in music, film and modeling (and even a member of the royal family for a good measure).

Get inspired for next time with paparazzi! Your local, at least.)

 Gigi Iron in Boots OGG

# 1 Gigi Iron – Photo: Binterest

It seems that the set is unbroken (19659002) Hilary Duff in Ugg Boots ” style=”display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;”/>

# 2 Hilary Duff – Photo: Bentrist

Hillary was bombed Duff in dark colors to make up the pavement with a classic light brown uggs.

  Jennifer Lopez Wearing Uggs

Simple, elegant, simple and elegant. (The rest of the outfit gets 5 stars as well)

  Sarah Jessica Parker wears Uggs

# 4 Sarah Jessica Parker – Photo: Pinterest

SJP is an example of a New York City classic style. When the temperature drops, they are not afraid to get rid of the heel and put the sensible option.

  Shia LeBouef Wearing Uggs

While Shiites do not seem to be thinking much about the overall dress here, we commend his confidence and his desire to adopt a policy of "all that is clean."

  Pharrell Williams Wearing Uggs

We should not expect less than one of the most elegant men on the planet right now. Textures, layers, accessories and uggs to top it off!

 Princess Kate wearing uggs

# 8 Princess Kate – Picture: Pinterest

Even the Royals are not immune to the temptation of ugg boots. Obviously being a princess does not mean that you can not relax …

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