The Classic Pea Coat: 4 Must Have Colors

The Classic Pea Coat: 4 Must Have Colors

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A Pea Coat is a double-breasted jacket of naval origin. They are a nice mix of style with utility. A Pea Coat is designed to use raw physically but looks sophisticated and polished. I think it's one dress that says, "I can look good even when I'm working hard." It is for a man who is not afraid to struggle and wants to remain at his best when he does so.

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is also a very versatile and versatile piece of clothing that can be worn as well as a show.

Pea Coat

? Depending on the occasion, you can wear it up or down, with some basic pieces of your cabinet. No additional payment required. And like that you will stand out from the rest of the men. Since it's something you'll wear a lot and stick with different pieces in your wardrobe to give a new and attractive look, I bring you 4 basic and neutral shades of choice. These are easy to sport and easy to pair. It's a safe bet, so I recommend beginners and beginners to go to any or all of these colors first. Once you have a comment, you can try more. If you are the type of person looking to purchase only one layer, these are the colors you need to choose from. So go here:

1) Black:

Slave and sexy. The black pea coat exudes mystery and puts you in a position of strength. Works wonderfully for business and pleasure. Wear jeans or chino pants in red, blue or white to increase their range. Put it with some scarves embellished or embossed. Classic is a classic color. You can even go for a monochromatic appearance. Simple fashion in this season.

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2) Navy:

Everything looks good in blue, especially the Pea coat. With its marine origins and its maritime background, the blue makes a truly luna color, let alone sailing. Wear it with a crisp white shirt and add a touch of color with a tie or pocket pocket with even smoother bunches.

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3) Gray:

Gray is a nice break from the usual black and blue shadows. If you want to experience a different color but still want to play safely, this is the right color for you. It is formal, can cooperate with white, black, navy, emerald, burgundy and even lime. Gray even works well when going to monochrome. It's like getting your cake and eating too!

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4) Tan:

For men who love to dress in neutral colors, Tan Pea coat is the essence. Tan, camel tan and brown countryside all add warmth to your personality and also make you look younger. It can be combined with deeper and lighter shades of blue, black, green, red and gray.

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  The Classic Pea Coat
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