Ugg Boots Store Now Open In Charlestown

Ugg Boots Store Now Open In Charlestown

December 5, 2018 0 By admin

Newcastle is a few hours' drive from North Sydney, a shopping paradise. Head to the largest shopping center in the area, "Charlestown Square" to enjoy an amazing shopping experience. When there are, you can not miss – UGG EVER SHEEPSKIN!

Why did you choose the Evergreen Charleston shop?

UGG sheepskin boots is one of the best shoes for you. This practical shoe is suitable not only for winter but also throughout the year.

Sheepskin boots are known for their unique ability to keep foot free of moisture. This feature makes it suitable for use during cold and wet winter and wet and sweaty summer alike.

Moreover, the sheepskin boots are long lasting and enjoy greater durability than other materials.

At UGG EVER shop, we offer you UGG shoes manufactured by an Australian owned and operated factory, which provides high quality sheepskin products worldwide.

Our sheepskin is sturdy and comes with a certain degree of flexibility. This gives our products durability and longevity for regular wear.

Enter our store to discover a wide range of styles that are going very well with your wardrobe. Style, functionality, durability and comfort are some of the factors that make our products a great choice for you and your loved ones alike.

Uller Yu JG Charlestown is one of its kind in Newcastle and Ampere. Lake Macquarie area New South Wales. As such, we strive to offer you the unique brand experience of the site.

Do you shop for online shopping?

Of course, you can shop online through us. We offer a wide range of products through our website You can explore the products of the comforts of your home and if necessary, visit the store to get a real sense of touch and feel and try on any item before you actually buy it. If you can not buy in the store, do not worry. Choose a pair of your favorite UGGs and our staff will help you complete your online application. Remember, we ship your purchases free throughout Australia.

No matter whether you shop online or in the store, you can rest assured that you will get the best products. We only offer you the best. When you ask us, you get not only high quality UGG shoes but much more. You will get stunning fashion styles including spring / summer sets, waterproof shoes for outdoor activities, comfortable children / toddler and much more.

Whether you are looking for Australian natural sheepskin accessories such as carpet, winter gloves, scarves & shawls or slippers or a 100% pure wool quilt, you will find it all here.

Where can you find us?

Easy to find us. You will find us at the entrance to Charlestown Square Shopping Center at Pearson St Level 1 (SHOP L01).

We follow the trading hours of the center and therefore find us open seven days a week.

Come and Say Hi

The next time you visit Newcastle, feel free to enter our store and say hello. You can explore the latest classic UGG shoe collections at Charlestown. We assure you it will be a worthwhile visit.

If you need more information on how to reach us, contact us at (02) 4920 8889